Our Programme

We follow a curriculum which is a " INTEGRATED APPROACHof Dr. Maria Montessori’s Montessori method of education, Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory and John Dewey's Thematic Approach. We take the advantages of all the 3 approaches and designed one of the needed curriculum for the new generation of children.

1) Montessori Method of Education 

Montessori is a method of education developed by a Italian educationist Dr. Maria Montessori and is based on self-directed activity, hands-on-learning and collaborative play to develop the following skills in the children:

2) Multiple Intelligence Theory
Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of neuroscience from Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligence's. According to the theory of Multiple Intelligence's, there are eight different ways ways of being intelligent. Intelligence is not about what we know but how we learn.
> EPL 
> Censorial 
> Mathematics 
> Language 
> Cultural Studies

3. Theme Based Approach 

Thematic approach is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. Using themes while working with young children has been popular since John Dewey, an American educational reformer first proposed that curriculum should be related to real-life experiences.