Our Management

Mrs. mujassim

We understand that every child is an individual with a unique personality and unique strengths and weaknesses. At SPROUTS children receive a great deal of personal attention in the classroom, thereby, allowing teachers to gain a very good understanding of each Children ‘academic progress as well as social requirements. SPROUTS is an inclusive environment where diversity and individual differences are embraced and appreciated. A place where diversity is celebrated and mutual respect and understanding contribute toward a cohesive school community. It is our goal to encourage our children to be, above all else, kind and compassionate citizens.
We’ve been privileged to work on the best, research-based and brain-based teaching techniques and curriculum development programs and I am excited about applying my knowledge, skills and experience at SPROUTS, a modern and progressive Preschool in India. 

I welcome your child in to the SPROUTS family and look forward to seeing him / her Grow, Explore and Discover at SPROUTS – your child’s home away from home. 

Our primary goal is to help children to transform to become successful learners & leaders.

Warm Regards,
Managing Director

Mr. Azeem

At SPROUTS, our foremost priority is to provide children with a friendly, nurturing, safe and supportive school environment where teachers are caring, encouraging and dedicated to the overall success of every student. Every student deserves the support, encouragement and the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aspire to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed by giving him or her the tools to build a strong foundation, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and very supportive. It is our goal to make every child’s experience at SPROUTS as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. 
At SPROUTS, we have created a learning environment that fosters not just academic excellence, but builds the foundation for independent thinking, problem solving, self-esteem, creativity, a global outlook, and most of all – a lifelong love for learning.
The Montessori environment has allowed me to have a unique perspective on the importance of childhood. I believe it gives a different set of lenses to look through, and has made me appreciate the love and dedication necessary to care for the wellbeing of our children. 

It has also made me appreciate the responsibility that this role holds. 

It is our aim to direct each child to achieve their personal best by allowing them to develop at their own pace.


mr. haseeb

Children are a parent’s greatest treasure in life and when a child walks into SPROUTS, we embrace them as our own and honour the faith that parents have in us to take care of their most precious possession.
Through a traditional Montessori education we are a community committed to establishing the intellectual, emotional, and physical foundation that will develop the skills for your child to become a self-directed learner enabling them to achieve their highest potential.

Our children work independently as well as cooperatively, learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. A love of nature and a deep sense of responsibility for others and their environment are fostered.

Effective early childhood teachers must possess both the skills and knowledge regarding early childhood. In addition, they must possess the personal characteristics such as the love of children, dedication to educate, flexibility to adapt to new circumstances and challenges, pragmatism, patience and creativity. 

Our teachers at SPROUTS embody these important characteristics and are kind, generous, caring individuals who love children. It is my honour and privilege to continue to inspire them and lead them to find creative ways to inspire a love for learning in our children. 

It brings me great joy to work alongside parents to help shape the lives of young children and to nurture their unique qualities.

Md. Haseebulla Sharieff.C